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Removing Mold Spores, Contaminants and Odors while lowering Energy and Maintenance Costs

As featured in 2021 Grow Magazine's Indoor Garden Essential Products, addressing:

  • Outdoor Ventilation Air
  • Outdoor Ventilation Air
  • Exhaust Air

Odor Mitigation

Dynamic Air Cleaners have been used successfully around the world to remove VOCs, mold spores, and ultrafine particles from indoor air and outdoor ventilation air, and to mitigate odors from exhaust air.  Within the rapidly expanding legal marijuana industry, Dynamic Activated Carbon Matrix (ACM) Systems have been used successfully to mitigate odors from exhaust air at large commercial marijuana growing operations to meet local codes and ordinances.

Dynamic Activated Carbon Matrix (ACM) systems feature a moisture resistant structure able to withstand humid conditions up to 99% RH.  In addition, Dynamic ACM systems have up to a 60% lower pressure drop, reducing blower horsepower by up to 50% compared to pellet systems, making Dynamic ACM an ideal choice for any application; from large custom air handlers, to smaller packaged HVAC equipment.

Dynamic ACM Removal Capacity

  • Hydrogen Sulfide - 30-40% by weight
  • Sulfur Dioxide – 15-20% by weight
  • Xylene – 11% by weight saturation
  • Hexane - 3% by weight saturation
  • MEK - 5% by weight saturation
  • Methanol - 9% by weight saturation
  • Toluene – 16% by weight saturation
  • Myrcene - 19% by weight saturation

Dynamic ACM Performance

The graph above shows VOC removal using 500 ppb toluene at 175 ft/min. Toluene is a good indicator of VOCs with a vapor pressure <26 mmHg.

Plant Protection Against Airborne Pathogens

Dynamic provides air filtration for incoming ventilation and recirculated indoor air. Dynamic Polarized-Media Air Cleaners eliminate airborne pathogens including mold spores, bacteria and fungi; removing sub-micron particles without the high energy costs associated with HEPA filtration - saving energy dollars for other uses such as lighting. For added protection, Dynamic Sterile Sweep Germicidal UV systems provide added pathogen inactivation. And Dynamic systems are scalable, providing solutions for the smallest to largest of grows.

Sustainable Technology

Polarized-Media Air Cleaner technology has been used throughout the world as an alternative to high efficiency passive filters for over 35 years. Over 90% of the cost of air filtration is in the energy used to move the air. Dynamic Air Cleaners enjoy lower brake horsepower which offers dramatic energy savings. Only the media pads are replaced which means less material to go into landfills.


  Remote UVC Systems



Dynamic Air Quality Solutions also offers modular, non-powered or 110V fan-powered filter systems that allow smaller facilities to mix and match Dynamic air cleaning technologies.  Available with 1” or 2” Panel Air Cleaners, Dynamic ACM, Dynamic Sterile Sweep UVC and/or Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems, in sizes 500 to 2000 cfm.

Case Studies

Colorado Product Services

Challenges: IAQ, Odor Mitigation
Solutions: Dynamic V8s, Dynamic ACM