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Indoor air quality has become as important as temperature and humidity when it comes to the preservation of valuable collections in modern metropolitan galleries, archives, libraries and museums.  From the Singapore National Art Gallery to Philadelphia’s Barnes Foundation, designers have used air cleaning technology from Dynamic Air Quality Solutions to provide clean, contaminant-free air to some of the most valuable collections in the world.  Coast to coast and around the world, Dynamic has successfully removed airborne contaminants from indoor air as well as outdoor ventilation air at needs of museums, art galleries, visual and performing arts centers, aquariums, and maritime centers.

Particulates are often abrasive and may permanently soil collections. They are also perfect hosts for mold. Particulates increase user discomfort and increase maintenance costs. Gaseous contaminants, such as oxides of nitrogen and sulfur dioxide can attack organic materials by conversion to acids, while ozone is a powerful oxidant, breaking apart every carbon double bond, severely damaging organic material. Other gaseous pollutants, such as formaldehyde, may be off-gassing from furniture and building materials. Dynamic has the right solutions:

Air Cleaners like the Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System remove the smallest ultrafine particles including those from diesel and automobile engine exhaust brought in with outdoor ventilation air.  It’s a fact that with today’s low VOC building materials and anti-smoking laws, indoor air is generally cleaner than outdoor air – especially in urban environments. Although polarized-media air cleaners use a charged (polarized) media, there is NO OZONE produced.

UVC Germicidal Systems can kill airborne organisms and mold spores that collect on coils and filter surfaces.

And Carbon Systems like the Dynamic Activated Carbon Matrix System, can provide precise control of targeted gas phase and chemical contaminants.   

Here are a few of the museums and galleries using Dynamic Air Cleaning systems: 

  • The Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, PA
  • Museum of the American Revolution, Philadelphia, PA
  • Telus World of Science, Edmonton, AB
  • North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC
  • Childrens Discovery Center, OH
  • Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, GA
  • Knoxville Zoological Gardens, Knoxville, TN
  • David Foster Art Centre, BC
  • National Churchill Museum, Fulton, MO
  • National Law Enforcement Museum, Washington, D.C.
  • National Maritime Center, Arlington, VA
  • National WWI Museum, Kansas City, MO
  • Muscatine Art Center, Muscatine, IA
  • Horry County Museum, Conway, SC
  • Royal British Columbia Museum, Victoria, BC
  • Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA
  • Metropoli Patriotismo, Mexico City
  • Brinton Museum, Big Horn, MT
  • Smithsonian Institution NMAAHC, Washington, D.C.
  • Singapore National Art Gallery, Singapore
  • Museum of Art, Satander Spain
  • Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College
  • Ruby City Art Museum, San Antonio, TX
  • Museo Arqueoligical Nacional, Madrid, Spain
  • Museo Nacional Del Prado, Madrid, Spain
  • Studio Harlem Museum
  • Yale Peabody Museum


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Case Studies

  • Barnes Foundation

    IAQ Challenge: Ultrafines & Gas Phase Contaminants
    Solutions: Dynamic V8 and Activated Carbon Matrix

  • Michigan Historical Museum

    IAQ Challenge: Airborne Contaminants
    Solution: Dynamic V8s

  • National Museum of African American History & Culture

    Challenges: IAQ, Sustainability
    Solution: Dynamic V8s

  • Museo Nacional Del Prado

    IAQ Challenge: Airborne Contaminants
    Solution: Dynamic 1-inch Air Cleaners