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Dynamic V8-SL for Side Loading

The Dynamic V8-SL is a perfect fit where access space is limited, such as rooftops, when clients want LEED® eligible high-efficiency filtration and odor removal, and a filter service life that’s measured in YEARS instead of months.

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions is pleased to announce the newest addition to its line of V8 Air Cleaning Systems – the Dynamic V8-SL. The Dynamic V8-SL (Side-Loaded) Air Cleaning System offers all of the same features and benefits of the Dynamic V8 and is designed to slide into rooftop units where access for filter maintenance is limited. Like the Dynamic V8 which has been available for large AHUs and smaller fan coil system configurations, the Dynamic V8-SL offers the same MERV 15 air cleaning effectiveness with unparalleled energy and operational cost savings. And maintenance intervals for the Dynamic V8 and Dynamic V8-SL are measured in YEARS instead of months.

Dynamic V8-SL Air Cleaning Systems fit any size or model of rooftop with a minimum of 25 inches of clearance through the unit. Air cleaner modules are stacked in vertical columns in special racks that prevent air bypass and modules are connected with interchangeable power cables. Modules are available in standard heights of 12” and 18” and depths of either 24” or 29 ½” (29 ½“ depth air cleaners require 30 ½” of clearance inside the unit). Module widths vary by rooftop model and size in order to maximize the space available in the rooftop filter section. There are currently seven standard widths of 26”, 30”, 34”, 38”, 39”, 43” and 48”.

Power to the air cleaners can be supplied from an optional NEMA 4 Control Panel which converts line voltage to 24Vac.  Several control panel configurations are available with a variety of transformer sizes, pressure switch and pressure gauge options including differential pressure transmitters.

Installation Options are available from Thybar

Thybar Corporation provides a variety of installation products and services to assist with air cleaner installation. For a uniform air cleaner installation in rooftop units that offer the required 25 inches of access space in the filter section, Thybar can provide the Dynamic V8-SL factory installation at any one of five Thybar facilities (Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, and Nevada).

For smaller rooftop units that lack the necessary 25 inches of access space, Thybar also offers Dynamic Final Filter Curbs in a variety of sizes to accommodate Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems.  Thybar can factory install the air cleaner modules inside the curbs.  For more information about Dynamic V8-SL air cleaners installed in rooftops or in Dynamic Final Filter Curbs, contact Thybar Sales in Louisville, KY (800) 993-2872, or visit