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Fan Powered Filter Systems

Dynamic offers a full line of commercial air cleaning equipment with benefits beyond traditional filtration, such as MERV 15 performance, lower energy and operating costs, and the mitigation of odors and VOCs.

Dynamic Fan Powered Filter Systems can be configured with:

  • Dynamic Polarized-Media Air Cleaners
  • Dynamic V8® Air Cleaning Systems
  • Dynamic Sterile Sweep® Germicidal UVC Systems
  • Dynamic Activated Carbon Matrix (ACM) Systems

For those who are serious about theimportance of Air Filtration and Odor Mitigation

  • A comprehensive, scalable “total” solution for a wide variety of applications.
  • Fast, easy installation.
  • Provides ongoing energy savings and long maintenance cycles.
  • Modular components can be tailored to address specific IAQ needs.
  • 120/240 VAC power.
  • ECM (electronically commutated) motor, for very fine speed control, high efficiency at full speed, and dramatic reduction in power usage at low speeds.
  • Standard 10 speed digital controller for simple airflow adjustment.
  • Airflow capability up to 3,000 CFM (with larger fan/motor).